Basic Quality Control Review (by 4CEUINC)

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Course provided by 4CEUINC.


Learn the basics of quality control for the laboratory.


  1. The components of a good quality system.
  2. The purpose of Quality Assurance (QA) and list the factors that QA monitors.
  3. The definition of Quality Control (QC).
  4. What Quality Control material is made from, what types there are, and the basic rules to follow when testing them.
  5. The CLIA policy requirements for a good QC Program
  6. Random and systematic errors.
  7. How mean and standard deviation are used in quality control.
  8. How to plot quality control on a Levey-Jennings Chart.
  9. How to interpret quality control results using the Westgard Rules.

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Continuing Education Credits

P.A.C.E.® Contact Hours (acceptable for AMT, ASCP, and state recertification) (CEU Unlimited): 1 hour(s)
Course number 511-515-19, approved through 10/31/2021
Florida Board of Clinical Laboratory Personnel Credit Hours - Supervision/Administration, Quality Control/Quality Assurance, and Safety: 1 hour(s)
Course number 20-393814, approved through 10/31/2021

Customer Ratings

(based on 2 customer ratings)

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Course Outline

  • SU019 - Basic Quality Control Review
      • PDF Page 1 - Basic QC Cover
      • PDF Page 2 - Basic QC Objectives
      • PDF Page 3 - Quiz Page 1
      • PDF Page 4 - Quiz Page 2
      • PDF Page 5 - Introduction
      • PDF Page 6 - Quality Control
      • PDF Page 7 - Quality Control Products & Types of Qualitative Controls
      • PDF Page 8 - CLIA Policy Requirements
      • PDF Page 9 - Types of Errors
      • PDF Page 10 - Statistics
      • PDF Page 11 - Westgard Rules
      • PDF Page 12 - Westgard Rules
      • PDF Page 13 - - Westgard Rules
      • PDF Page 14 - Westgard Rules
      • PDF Page 15 - QC When Three Controls Are Run
      • PDF Page 16 - Shifts & Trends

Additional Information

This Basic Level course is intended for Technicians, Technologists, Lab Supervisors, Lab Directors, and Pathologist.   Students would also benefit from this course.

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Course provided by 4CEUINC.
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