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Course number 20-684156, approved through 9/1/2022


  • Define terms associated with basic histology math processes.
  • Apply unit conversions within the metric system, including the use of ratio and proportion.
  • Covert temperatures between the Fahrenheit and Celsius systems.
  • Calculate accurate concentrations of solutions, including molar concentrations, normal concentrations, percent concentrations, and conversions between percent and molar solutions.
  • Perform dilution calculations to prepare working solutions from concentrated solutions.
  • Determine the gravimetric factor in staining solution preparation and calculate the amount of dye needed in preparation of new stains.

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(based on 111 customer ratings)

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Course Outline

  • Introduction to Basic Laboratory Math
      • Why do I Need to Understand the Math?
      • Basic Math Applications in the Histology Laboratory
  • The Metric System
      • What is the Metric System?
      • Conversion Within the Metric System
      • Use of Ratio and Proportion
      • Unit Conversion
  • Making Temperature Conversions
      • Conversion Between Fahrenheit and Celsius Scales
  • Calculating Solution Concentrations
      • Defining Solutions
    • Percentage Solutions
      • What is a Percentage Solution?
      • Calculating Percent Weight/Volume (% w/v)
      • Calculating Percent Volume/Volume (% v/v)
      • Calculating Solute Amounts for Percent Solutions
    • Working Solutions
      • Stock Solution Dilutions
    • Molar Solutions
      • What is a Molar Solution?
      • Interchanging Between Percent Concentration and Molarity
    • Normality
      • What is a Normal Solution?
      • Interchanging of Molarity and Normality Concentrations
  • Determining the Gravimetric Factor for Stains
      • What is the Gravimetric Factor?
  • References
      • References
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Course provided by LabCE.

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