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Course number 20-676428, approved through 9/1/2022


  • Describe the various specimen types received in the dermatopathology laboratory and why it is important to understand skin morphology.
  • Summarize the various steps taken to maintain patient/specimen integrity and accuracy throughout the collection and grossing process.
  • Identify the different layers of skin and the various cells that make up each layer.
  • Define the most common grossing protocols for biopsy shaves and punches of various sizes.
  • Describe how excisions are grossed, with orientation and without, including the identification of potential grossing errors and how to prevent them.
  • Define the Mohs technique used in dermatology.
  • Compare and contrast the various steps of Mohs processing and paraffin processing.

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(based on 219 customer ratings)

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Course Outline

  • Introduction to Skin
      • The Field of Dermatology
      • Skin Cancer Facts, Figures, and Estimates
      • Skin Facts and Functions
  • Skin Sample Collection and Processing
      • Skin Specimen Collection: Biopsies and Excisions
      • Overview of Collection Procedures
      • Skin Sampling Procedures
  • Skin Histomorphology
      • Skin Layers: Overview
      • Epidermis
      • Dermis
      • Subcutis (Hypodermis)
      • Relevance of Skin Morphology in the Laboratory
  • Skin Grossing Techniques - Biopsies
      • Gross Examination: General Considerations
      • Gross Examination of Shave, Punch, and Curettage Specimens
  • Skin Grossing Techniques - Excisions
      • Grossing Skin Excisions Without Orientation
      • Grossing Skin Excisions With Orientation
  • Prevention of Skin Grossing Errors
      • Prevention of Errors During Gross Examination
  • Mohs Skin Surgery
      • Mohs History
      • Mohs Surgery Overview
      • Mohs Procedure versus Standard Excisions
  • Conclusion
      • Summary of Dermatological Histology
  • References
      • References
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Course provided by LabCE.

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